Beading on Fabric

Beading on Fabric


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Learn the top most useful stitches to apply beads to fabric. After this class you will know the secrets of beading from the top side of your garments, quilts or home decorator items. You will learn how to stabilize the fabrics and what threads to use with each project. A hand beaded pillow or a few beads on a garment makes the simplest of items look very personalized and very expensive.  Students progress learning something different in each class.  After the basics are mastered, go on to learn more edge treatments, filler stitches, fringes, forming butterflies, caterpillars, lady bugs, spiders, geckos and dragonflies. 

Tools and Supplies: 
Finely Pointed Scissors
#5 Knotting Tweezers
Ultra-fine Needle Threader
Bead Shovel (for painless bead handling)
Chain-Nosed Pliers 

Workbook (optional purchase from instructor)

Provided by the instructor:
#10 Beading Needle
Silamide Thread
Fabric for samples

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