Beaded Cabochon


Beaded Cabochon

Includes the supplies and use of tools needed to make your project.

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Beaded Cabochon is simply beads sewn onto a backing with needle and thread.  Learn to design your original brooch, pendant, earrings, barrette, or applique.  Various treatments are taught in this class that make your designs a work of art.  Learn how to make your own backing material, a variety of stitches to apply the beads and edge treatments.  Students progress each month to learn new skills.

Tools and Supplies: 

Class fee for this class covers the backing fabrics, leather, the glue, the natural stone cabochon (cab), beading needles and special Silamide beading thread.  

Loaner Tools will be supplied.   

You will need to purchase the pin back or other findings and a few seed beads but it is best to wait until class to pick your color scheme because you'll have the cab then.  You have the option to choose the size of bead you want to work with but nothing larger than a size 6/0 for this is needed.

Tools and Supplies:
Chain-Nosed Pliers  
#10 Beading Needle 
Silamide thread 
Finely pointed scissors 
#5 knotting tweezers  
Backing fabric 
E6000 glue  
Seed beads 

More Examples of Beaded Cabochon:

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