Chain Maille

for 2014

Chain Maille

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In this workshop we will be exploring the timeless craft of forming jump rings into historic chain maille patterns. We'll start slowly step by step together. By the end of just one class you will learn how to make a chain maille bracelet that both men and women will enjoy wearing.

Tools and Supplies:

Certain styles of chain maille require specific sized of rings to accomplish the desired look. To make sure that you get the best results from your efforts in class, the kit is highly recommended.

Loaner tools will be supplied.

Two pair of Pliers  
Beading Awl (or other pointed tool to poke into the rings)

Various Chain Maille Weaves: Everyone in our class will be doing the same weave. Expect one weave pattern to be covered in each three hour class. Keep in mind that I customize the topic depending upon who is coming to class. That insures that you will learn a different weave in each time you come to Chain Maille Class. We can select from any number of patterns of chain maille weaves. The photo I use to advertise this class is a popular weave called Byzantine. But that's only one choice. Byzantine is a great place to start. Other beginning weaves include European 4-in-1, and Box Weave. 

Once you've taken an interest in learning chain maille and you've already worked through the beginning weaves, we can continue expanding your knowledge with some more intermediate level weaves and then onto the more advanced weaves. 

If there is a particular chain maille weave that interests you, please let me know well in advance so I can bring the supplies required. Prior to class, I cut the rings for the kits for the topic we will be covering. I may need to purchase the particular gauge of wire if I don't have it on hand. Therefore, I need advance preparation time to make our kits. 

Where do you get more jump rings? Hobby stores do provide some jump rings. Read the packages. It's important to know the gauge of wire and inside diameter of the jump ring. Don't worry! You'll get a handout with all those details when you come to class. There are many online sources to purchase jump rings. If you're really interested in chain maille, you may want to learn to make your own rings. Cutting your own jump rings with hand tools is covered in Clasp Making Class. Cutting your own jump rings with a jeweler's hand saw is a topic we cover in the Metal Smith Workshop. Schedule a private session to learn to use a rotary saw and jump ring tool to make the jump rings the way I do it. I would be more than happy to teach you how this is done.

European 4-in-1
Box Chain

Full Persian
European 6-in-1
Half-Persian 4-in-1

Intermediate to Advanced
Jens Pind
Parallel/Helm Chain
Turkish Round
Half-Persian 5-in-1 Sheet

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