Metalsmithing Level 1: Tri-Color Texture Rings

Level 1:  Tri-Color Texture Rings
Supplies included.

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Learn to work with several types of metal wire to make at least 3 rings to fit any finger. You'll work with solid natural copper, brass and Argentium Sterling silver. If you're not familiar with Argentium, you're in for a real treat to begin working right away with this amazing metal. You'll learn the rules for successful soldering and learn the difference between soldering and fusing metal together. We'll use a ring mandrel and ring sizers and show you how to get the perfect fit. We'll use a chasing hammer and bench block and texture hammers to achieve interesting surface designs on your rings. This skill of soldering wire into rings is transferable to making bails, soldered jumprings, and forming soldered chain links.

General Notes for all the Metalsmith Workshops: Your class fee includes supplies. It is our goal to have you walking out with a completed item or nearly completed item by the end of class. As always in Tippy's classes, use of tools is included. There's nothing you need to bring as a general rule. For metalsmith class you may be asked to purchase your own N95 face mask available at Ace Hardware. All the other safety equipment is provided including a shop apron and safety glasses. Please wear natural fiber clothing and closed toed shoes. Keep your hair tied back and any dangling jewelry, sleeves or ties way from your hands and face. We ask that you stow your personal belongings away from your working area to provide an unobstructed path to the door and sink area.

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