Pearl Knotting

Pearl Knotting 


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Learn the use of French Wire for a classic way to attach the pearls to the clasp. French wire is a tiny spiral of special wire that covers the silk where it touches the clasp.  This method is preferred by jewelers.  I provide the French wire you will use in class.

Learn to knot between pearls the way the pros do it. It’s not hard and you can do it. Knotting between beads cushions the beads from rubbing against each other and protects the beads.  Also, when a strand is knotted and it ever breaks, you will only lose one bead. Though this knotting is a classic treatment for pearls, the knotting techniques you learn in class can be used for any beads you are using.  The pearl knotting techniques you learn in class are marketable skills you can use to improve your income.  All pearls need to be re-knotted every so often, so it's just good to know how.  It's really not very difficult.  After one class, you'll be knotting beautiful necklaces and bracelets like a pro.

Includes supplies
and use of tools while in class

to make one pearl necklace.

Tools and Supplies:

#5 Knotting Tweezers
Small pointed scissors
Twisted wire needles
French wire
Pearl clasp
Pearls or beads
Silk thread

One of the benefits of taking my pearl knotting class is that you have access to 50% off the retail pricing on everything I bring from my private pearl stash. My retail prices range from $15 to $60 for approximately 15-inches of pearls.  

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