Private Session

Want to make some jewelry but need some guidance?

Need encouragement and support at first?

Like to choose exactly what YOU want to learn?

Want to work at YOUR own pace?

Private Lessions:  Each person pays only $40 each for 3 hours of private instruction with most of your supplies included. 

Private Lessons in Tippy's Garden Studio:  There is no substitute for being in the same room with the instructor. Therefore, all 27 of the topics you've seen me teach at the store these past 4 years are still available to you as private lessons at my cozy studio near 7th Street and Union Hills in Phoenix. 

Enroll at BeadWithTippy.comHere you will see the photos of all 27 lessons we can do together. Just as always, select the photo of the topic you want.  You will be directed to the page for that topic with more information and the button to sign up. When you enroll online, you will be asked to pay your $40 class fee in advance using a credit card. I will automatically get an email to which I will respond personally back to you, so we can set up a mutually agreeable time to meet. 

Gift certificates are also offered online. Give the gift of creativity.

Why I am making this change to a Youtube platformI need this time to keep growing as an artist. As much as I loved it, my classes at the store absorbed all my available time and energy. Initially I had thought I would transfer all my class content to Youtube. Some topics might make the cut, but the bulk of those classes will remain available only as Private Lessons.  It's very important to me that you know I care about those of you who have enjoyed developing your jewelry skills in classes with me. I want to continue to work with you on a private basis. The cost of your private lesson is the same $40 as the store classes were. This is a $15 reduction in price for my private lessons. It's my way of thanking you for your loyalty. 

Follow me on Twitter: It takes some time to develop my new Youtube channe. It  will be quite different than anything I have done before.  I will be talking a lot about my creative process, interviewing artists, highlighting the their work, showing people, places and things that inspire me. I'm still formulating and exploring what it will be like. All I know for certain is my channel will have some jewelry but many other things as well. I'm developing a whole new brand identity. There's quite a bit to do behind the scenes to make it happen. Essential in the mix is an online community and I'm starting with Twitter. 

For those interested, I am tracking my process on Twitter.  I'm so excited I currently at this very moment have 10 followers. Whooo Hoooo!!! You've got to start somewhere. Right? I would love to have you there with me. I found it very helpful to search Youtube for "How to use Twitter." If you would like to follow me, once you get into your Twitter page, look for @BeadWithTippy.  See you there.

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